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I’ve been writing about music and movies for over 50 years, having written for Washington’s now defunct Evening Star newspaper and magazines Stereo Review, Audio, Schwann DVD Advance, The Absolute Sound, The Perfect Vision, Fi, and Sound and Vision. I’m currently Entertainment Editor for Sound Stage! Network on line. Originally from North Carolina, I’ve lived in West Virginia near Harpers Ferry the past 30 years, after 20 years in the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Area.


What I want to do here is to point out titles of interest that I’ve encountered over the years, titles you might have missed. Regular media seems only  to hype the new, though we might go there, too, once a while. Over all I want to share with you, in two paragraphs max, some music, movies, and television I love that will entertain, inspire, and thrill you to the core. I’ll also try to find you some genuine bargains along the way. Don’t expect one particular genre; this is an adventure of discovery!

Happy Listening and Viewing!

Rad Bennett

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2 thoughts on “About Rad and This Site

  1. Dear Mr. Bennett,

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation and review of our recording activity. As you know, our CDs have recently become available in the United States via Naxos, so we are extremely pleased to learn about their good resonance there thanks to reviews like yours.

    I hope you will enjoy our future releases: there are many recordings and projects coming up!

    You can also follow our activities on Facebook and Youtube, where some of our videos are available. See here a very recent interview with our Artistic Director, Rudolf Lutz:


    Thank you again.
    With best wishes from St. Gallen,

    Xoán Castiñeira

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